QHT gives advice, support, loans and grants to small charitable organisations to help them provide safe, decent and affordable homes.

Having a safe, comfortable and affordable home is a challenge for many people in Great Britain and especially for people who are going through major changes in their lives. These could be people seeking asylum, recovering from addiction, leaving prison, survivors of domestic abuse or people entering old age. They need peace and stability so they can adjust to their new circumstances and get on with their lives.

People in these situations often have particular difficulties in finding appropriate housing, and funding to support their needs can be scarce. Fortunately there are many organisations out there who want to help them, but often they are small and have limited resources –both financial and human – to achieve all that they want to achieve.

The Quaker Housing Trust, like these organisations, is small and has limited financial resources but we provide expertise and loans and grants that are otherwise hard to find to help to make their housing dreams a reality.


Ella's offers housing and support to women who have survived trafficking and exploitation.

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Handcrafted Projects

Handcrafted Projects offers housing, hope and a future to people changing their lives.

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Mull and Iona Community Trust

Mull and Iona Community Trust worked to build affordable green homes and save the local school.

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