QHT provides a practical response to Quaker, and other, concerns about providing adequate and appropriate homes to those in need.

The business of the QHT is undertaken in the Quaker manner.

Quakerism is based upon four main testimonies – to Simplicity, Truth, Equality and Peace – and the QHT is just one of many examples of us putting our faith into action. These four precepts guide us practically in all that we do as a charity

  • Simplicity – we are very conscious of our impact on the natural world and the need to bring the world back into balance, so we are rigorous in assessing the projects that we are asked to support, ensuring that they meet energy efficiency standards and minimise their other environmental impacts.
  • Truth – we aim to make our processes transparent and to ensure that every application gets feedback, whether or not we have been able to support them. Every project is allocated its own Trustee in Touch to support and provide objective advice.
  • Equality – everyone has a right to a home regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability and so we only support projects that hold to these values. Our twelve trustees all have an equal say in which projects should be supported and every application is reviewed on its own merits, rather than in competition with others.
  • Peace – a decent home can bring an inner peace and calm that pervades an entire life. This above all is what we aim to achieve for the people we can help.

The meetings in which we consider applications always begin and end with a period of silence. At the beginning the silence makes a break with what has gone before and gives time to focus on the task. Silence at the end helps to provide a peaceful closure and reflection. We always seek unity in decisions and to find a way forward that is acceptable to all present, we do not take votes and we agree the detail of our decisions word for word.


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Handcrafted Projects offers housing, hope and a future to people changing their lives.

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Who we support

As a small charity we wish to use our very limited resources where they can make a genuine and positive difference.

Ideally this is by helping small organisations to enhance the quality of their housing provision or to create new homes.

Learn more about some of the housing projects we have supported over the years.

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