Street Connect

QHT has been instrumental in the funding of our three move-on flats and has provided advice and support which has been critical in our organisational development.

Ricky McAddock, Co-Founder & Chief Executive, Street Connect, November 2020

The challenge    

For people leaving alcohol and drug addiction behind there is often a lack of effective support at a critical point in their recovery journey, moving from a residential rehab programme back into the community.

Developing the solution

Street Connect wanted to provide a number of one and two-bedroom flats as safe and supported homes for people coming out of rehab programmes. The challenge was that they had little experience in housing and only limited resources.

QHT was delighted to work with Street Connect from the project’s earliest beginnings, initially with a Health Check Service Grant, which helped carry out an organisational analysis. As a result skills gaps in the Board of Trustees were filled, and there was a much stronger focus on the financial side of the work which would be vital to gaining outside support. Financial reserves were strengthened and a ‘sinking fund’ set up to address unforeseen expenditure.

Over the past few years, helped by further grants and loans from QHT and other supporters, Street Connect have bought three small flats to help people make the transition from rehab to living fully independent lives in the community, including the chance to participate in voluntary work either with Street Connect or another organisation. Support Workers provide residents with one-to-one emotional and practical support, and are encouraged to consider what it means to be a good neighbour and to think about how they might contribute to the life of the local community.

Support given

Aug 2017 - awarded a grant of £20,000 and an interest-free loan of £20,000 to purchase a flat to support those marginalised by life-controlling issues to fulfil their potential as valuable members of society

Mar 2018 - awarded £5,000 to carry out a Health Check Service grant.

May 2018 – awarded a grant of £20,000 and an interest free loan of £20,000 to help with the costs of buying a two-bedroom flat for individuals who have successfully completed residential rehabilitation and are moving to independent living.

March 2020 - offer of a grant of £15,000 and a loan of £15,000 to help with the costs of purchasing a one-bedroom flat for individuals affected by drug and alcohol addictions who are moving to independent living

What we like about this project

"Street Connect first applied to us for funding before they had their first accounts.  They saw the need for accommodation to allow people to transition from the wrap around care in rehab, back into independent living. QHT has contributed to 3 flats over the years.  As their project grew rapidly, they took advantage of a Health Check Service Grant, which gave them an organisational review, and encouraged them to recruit Board members with particular expertise.  As Trustee in Touch it has been a delight to build a relationship with the organisation and share the experiences gained from other projects we deal with."

Trustee-in-touch: Barbara Potter

What our support means to Street Connect

"I felt I was utterly blessed in a Street Connect flat, because they took the pressure off me in terms of having to get all the things I would need for a new place - it was a fully furnished flat. The aftercare is essential for staying accountable. For making you part of something that is bigger than yourself." - Adam  

" QHT has been instrumental in the funding of our three move-on flats which have played such a key part in providing support for men and women progressing towards independent living, and has provided advice and support which has been critical in our organisational development. We can't thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for Street Connect and our service participants"

Ricky McAddock, Co-Founder & Chief Executive, November 2020

Glasgow, Scotland
£115,000 over four applications
Purchase of a three properties for people moving from residential rehab to independent living