East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust

Without the financial support that Quaker Housing Trust provided ECYHT, this housing project would simply not have begun.

Andy Pettersen, Social Business Manager‍, East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust

The challenge

Unemployment and a lack of affordable housing can be a toxic mix for young people, leading to poor mental and physical health and such a sense of helplessness that they cannot get on with their lives.

Developing the solution

East Cleveland Youth Housing Trust (ECYHT) works with young people to renovate domestic properties in which they can then live. The experience not only helps them to build life skills and gain independence but also gives them qualifications and a great sense of purpose and achievement.

The result is a network of high quality, affordable, supported accommodation for young people equipped with the skills and experience to start to make their way in the world.

In September 2018, QHT awarded ECYHT £30,000 to purchase a property ripe for renovation in Brotton.

The result

As for so many projects the pandemic has played its part and delayed some of the work. However, ECYHT are confident that by the end of March the building team can safely reopen the site and are aiming to have the project finished and tenanted by June 2021.

What we like about the project

We were inspired by ECYHT 's strong local roots. By helping young people to help themselves and to create their own homes, they are not only empowering them to transition to fuller adult responsibilities, but they also give them a genuine stake in their local community - countering the drift of young people away to larger conurbations.

Robin Fishwick, Trustee-in-touch

What ECYH think about our support

Harry’s story

Harry’s mother had moved away from the area, but Harry’s credit score was poor so private lettings agencies would not accept him and the local authority did not consider him to be a priority.

Harry had a job but no money for a deposit so joined ECYHT at nineteen and was with us for almost 20 months, during which he maintained his tenancy well and was promoted at work. The support he received with his budgeting and the affordable rent meant he was able to save a deposit to put towards a home of his own.

Harry moved into this home with his partner and things are going well for them both - and he knows that if he needs any support, ECYHT is always there to help.

Without the financial support that Quaker provided ECYHT. This housing project would simply not have begun. The blend of grant funding and in particular the interest free loan, was the enabler for us to secure a quick property purchase when we needed to. There are no obvious disadvantages to delivering a housing project of this type. Training, employment, local investment, preserving the environment, increasing housing options and  safer more secure neighbourhoods. The list is endless and was all made possible by Quakers belief in supporting our mission.

Andy Pettersen / Social Business Manager

Purchase of a property for renovation
June 2021