Legacies are a tax-efficient way to pass on assets to be used by QHT to help provide decent homes for people in need.

A legacy is a gift left to a charity in a will and so to provide one you need to make a will or change an existing one. As a will is a formal legal document there are legal requirements in order for it to be valid, such as being signed in the presence of two witnesses. Drawing up a will is not a process in which QHT can be involved and is best done with a solicitor, changes to an existing will can be made via a codicil – again a solicitor can help with this. Any legacy given to QHT is exempt from inheritance tax

There are three main types of legacy:

  • Pecuniary - a gift of a sum of money for example £1,000
  • Specific – a gift of one or more items, for example shares or a house
  • Residuary – all or a share of what is left of the estate when all other legacies have been made and other debts and expenses and taxes have been deducted

The terms of the legacy can be made more precise using an ‘expression of wish’ for example that the money can only be used for a specific type of project, or in a specific area, and this can be either binding or just advisory – in which case we will do our best to comply with its terms.

If you wish to give a legacy to QHT please use these details in your will or codicil to avoid any confusion:

Quaker Housing Trust

Charity Number: 254704

Friends House
173-177 Euston Road