Many Quaker meetings and other groups make QHT the subject of a special collection, an appeal or regular scheduled giving.

If you would like to support us in this way, thank you.

You can craft your own story about the work that we do from these pages and you may find the resources below helpful. If you would like some physical copies, please just get in touch.

These publications provide a wider view of the work that we do and the approach that we take:

Housing: A tested concern

Housing: Our spiritual concern

Principles for a just housing policy

Pressing problems: Practical responses

Contributions to QHT’s work can be made in a variety of ways

  • Bank transfer/BACS transfers funds directly from your bank account to ours. You can use it for one-off or regular payments
  • CAF Charity voucher: Making it payable to ‘Quaker Housing Trust’ and send it direct to us at the address below.
  • Cheque: Make it payable to ‘Quaker Housing Trust’ and send it direct to QHT at the address below.
  • If you make any donation under Gift Aid, please also send the completed declaration form or complete the online form.