Funding for energy efficiency measures

High energy costs mean a lot of housing charities are looking at how the homes they manage can become more energy efficient. This not only offer lower costs to tenants, it also address the climate emergency.

Aligning with our Quaker testimony of sustainability, Quaker Housing Trust expects the housing projects which we support to be highly energy efficient to address the climate crisis and reduce fuel poverty.

However, we are not an energy efficiency grant maker and do not fund stand-alone projects installing solar panels or insulation. We fund housing projects which meet high energy efficiency standard.

For organisations planning an energy projects, there are other sources of support out there. The Centre for Sustainable Energy provides a good list for sources of support for voluntary and community groups You can also find sources of support at

You should talk to your energy provider to see if they have grant schemes. Solar cooperatives are a good way of installing solar panels. Big Solar operates nationwide, but there are also local cooperatives you could join.

It is also worth speaking to the housing department at your local council to seeif there are grants schemes for social housing providers locally.

Quaker Housing Trust offers grants of up to £6000 for you to carry out an Environmental Assessment of your building to see which measures would make the biggest different to the energy efficiency of your project. Guidance on these grants can be found here.