Quaker Housing Trust

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eligibility CRITERIA

1. You must have legal charitable status

2. You must be operating within England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

3. You must be a small organisation, with a maximum annual turnover of not more than one million pounds, with limited funds available for the work you want to do.

4. You must be meeting (or for a new organisation or project, aiming to meet) a real housing need.

5. You must be providing (or for a new organisation or project, aiming to provide) actual housing.

6. You must be letting the homes (or for a new organisation or project, aiming to let) at a realistic rent which low income occupants can genuinely afford.

What we don’t fund

There are some limitations to our remit. We do not give money:

• To individuals

• To organisations or groups where the recipients of the funding are also the direct beneficiaries of the housing (such as self-help groups, fully mutual co-operatives, community or co-housing groups, amongst others).

• For services

• For development, operational or running costs

• For housing which is to be sold or rented out for profit or used as an investment property.

• As recurring grants.

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